Sky Cinema

Free time gives us the opportunity to enjoy the things we love to do. Some people use this time to see their friends, some other enjoy at sport or any other hobby. But most people use this time to watch some good content on TV.

Today job occupies much of our lives and after work all we want is to come home and relax with a good movie. If you are impatient to wait for the premiere of the latest blockbuster, or want to remember some older movie that impressed you with its story, acting and effects you are at the right place. Sky offers a wide range of movies on its Sky cinema channel.

Whatever you use from their package Sky Q, Sky Q Silver or Sky+, you will not regret . First package can be used on a TV in one room or tablet, and includes the option to record 3 shows, while the fourth gets free. It is 150 hours or 1TB storage and the second one even more-2 rooms or tablets, 4+1 shows and 350 hours or 2 TB. Sky + will allow you to pause live stream and record things that you watch.

As part of this package you can take Sky cinema that for £ 18 offers 11 channels of superior quality with 1000 and more movies with the new premiere every day. But if you choose Sky + and some of the Bundle you can get free LG 32“ TV or £100 reward for just £38 a months. Wit this price it is offer 270 channels and more than 1000 movies. Whatever you choose you will be in touch with all new movies that come out. You will become serious filmmaker. But you also can call your friends at home and enjoy in some of many comedies. If you want to curl up with a loved person, select one of romantic movies. And you will be able to spend time with children watching animated cartoons. There is a lot of genres so everyone can choose something that suits him.

Over 1000 movies you can see just 8 months after cinema premiere and 1 year before they go out to service subscribe. Sky is trying to improve the technical part on their devices, so it produced a sound that is approximates sound in the cinema. Titles are selected and audio dynamic range increased for movies on demand.

In the package you will also get Catch Up TV that you can watch episodes you missed in the last 30 days. Also there is HD box with built-in Wi-Fi where you can pause, rewind and record live TV. And Sky Go, where you can watch everything you want inside or outside the house. Here’s the Sky broadband phone number that you can contact if you want more information.

Sky cinema allows you with all the bids to let you feel every detail of film production. The only thing you have to do is to sit in your lovely home and enjoy the magic that is happening on the screen. Just in that way you will touch your own world and live the life you would never do in real life.